Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Handy Hausfrau's Most Popular Posts

Click on a category below to read some of the most visited posts from The Handy Hausfrau:

  • Tutorials - These posts feature detailed tutorials for creating your own DIY masterpieces
  • Downloads - These posts feature downloads that might help with your own DIY projects
  • DIY - These posts feature in-depth glimpses of my own DIY projects.  In some cases, they may not have tutorials to accompany them
  • Before & After - These posts feature Before & After looks at Goodwill Finds, thrifted treasures and curbside crap (someone else's crap - my creative inspiration)
  • Less Than {60-20} - These posts are all projects that can be completed in less than 60 minutes (give or take) and for under $20 (usually under $10)
Top Ten Most Popular Posts:
  1. DIY :: Dry Erase White Board - I originally wrote this post over on my personal blog (Lunacy: Finding Sanity in Life's Little Things). It still receives more hits than any other post on that blog. Along with the post for my Cheddar & Ale Soup recipe.
  2. Collapsible Oilcloth Bowl - Use this to hold business cards on your desk, jewelry on your dresser or your tchotkes on the road.
  3. Travel Spice Container - A great way to transport your favorite spices for camping or road trips
  4. Top 10 Tips for Thrifting on Craigslist - Some new ideas for scouring Craigslist for treasures or trash-to-treasure objects.
  5. Handmade Bottlecap Checkers with Vintage Wooden Box - A great way to use Mod Podge to create your own game pieces.

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